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What does it mean to be a ‘Red Shirt’ Aboard the USS CORSAIR?

Thank you for your interest in STARFLEET and the USS CORSAIR! Our Chapter is composed of crew who are dedicated to the spirit of the Star Trek and committed to making a fun fan club experience. The USS Corsair is Star Trek’s home in Louisiana and brings its own unique Cajun flair to Star Trek and Science Fiction Fandom.

We do more than just sit around and talk about Star Trek. We see what’s out there. Or as we like to say…


Why Join?

  • Meet Star Trek Fans worldwide!

    From post card to gift exchanges, regional and international Star Trek conferences, online or offline discussions, STARFLEET offers more ways to interact with other Star Trek fans than any other club

  • Unique Away Missions!

    STARFLEET members don’t just talk about Star Trek & Space, they experience it. They’ve attended movie premieres, met NASA astronauts, overnighted on historical naval vessels, played paintball with William Shatner, ‘invaded’ Build a Bear to create custom Star Trek Teddy Bears, Prime Directive Missions at Ren Faires, got creative at Star Trek arts and crafts days, volunteered at book festivals, participated in Mardi Gras parades, Gratitude Festival and First Contact Day celebrations, & MST3K style episode viewing parties.

  • Civic engagement!

    Service to others and the community is a part of everyday life aboard the USS CORSAIR. Our members are generous fundraisers and service providers, annually giving more than $15,000 worth of donations and providing over 3,000 hours of service over the past ten years.

  • Attend STARFLEET Academy!

    STARFLEET members can become STARFLEET Academy graduates! Whether you are a very deep Star Trek fan, or have other interests, the subjects we offer may be just what you would like. There are over 2,000 courses on Star Trek, Sci-Fi, and other topics available free to any member.

New Crew - Your First Mission

Complete these steps and you’ll receive a promotion to Crewman Apprentice!

To become a full member of the USS Crew, please sign up for STARFLEET and designate the “USS CORSAIR” as your chapter.


Please fill out our Crew Assignment Form to designate which department you would like to be a part of.

  • Crew Survey


Hailing Frequencies are open! Be sure to get connected to the CORSAIR on Discord, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Either online or offline, we’d love to see you at one of our events! A complete calendar can be found here.

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