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Being a part of a fan club should be more than talking about the latest episode, characters, and plotlines. The USS CORSAIR gives you the opportunity also should broaden your experiences through its unique program of enriching ‘Away Missions’, Friendship and Service.

As a crew member, your involvement and engagement is important to the USS CORSAIR, STARFLEET, Region 3, and – more importantly – yourself. The USS CORSAIR experience provides their crew with opportunities that make profound differences in STARFLEET and communities.

Because the USS CORSAIR encourages developing its command staff and section chiefs, as a crewmember you can hold leadership roles as a chapter officer, serve on a committee, steer recruitment events at a convention, organize activities, or lead community service projects. Through each experience, you are working to earn promotion points and recognized with awards.

Your engagement aboard the USS CORSAIR is up to you, however, the chapter is ready to help you wherever possible. Reach out to members of the USS CORSAIR’s Command Staff and ask for help finding a place where you can make an impact.

Crew Recognition

USS CORSAIR crewmembers members are boldly leading the way in STARFLEET.

We are proud to acknowledge members who assume the highest responsibilities and make a positive impact on the USS CORSAIR  and communities.

Please submit a Promotion Request to have your activity logged to earn promotion points towards a higher rank.

Humanoid Resources

STARFLEET NEEDS YOU! Volunteer to assist run STARFLEET and earn promotion points every month! Many opportunities are available.

Atoz Book Club

After a tense standoff with the Klingons, cleaning up the mess, and filing the paperwork, the crew enjoys reading and discussing books.

Meetings are quarterly.

In November, many crew turn into ‘Swashbuckling Scribes’ and attempt to write their own novels as part of NaNoWriMo.

Current Atoz Selection

Learn More about...

USS CORSAIR General Orientation

This series of courses helps in understanding about operations aboard the USS CORSAIR and show a crewmember where they can get involved in STARFLEET and STARFLEET Region 3.

Many Frequently Asked Questions are in the orientation and all crew are encouraged to take these courses.


Run by STARFLEET, the International Star Trek Fan Association, STARFLEET Academy offers over 3000 courses in a wide array of topics from Star Trek to real life science. Recommended for those wishing to be Officers: Officers Training School and Officers Command College found in the Leadership Institute.

Stay Connected


‘Siren’s Song’ is the USS CORSAIR’s monthly newsletter featuring event reminders, news, vlogs, and upcoming conventions.

The Best Dressed Officers in the Fleet

The USS CORSAIR cannot dictate uniform choices but does encourage outfits that could match some the same era. Since the USS CORSAIR’s fictional timeline is TNG TV era the following outfits could be considered from that time line. As always remember Ferengi Rules of Acquisition #3, “Never spend more for an acquisition than you have to” and the human rule of “Caveat emptor”

What to Wear?

On an event announcement, there’s usually a notation if something is a “Class A”, “Class B”, or “Class C” event. This lets you know what is the best choice. This is a suggested guideline, not mandatory!

This would be a cosplay outfit-a Star Trek Uniform, Klingon, Romulan, Star Trek alien cosplay. Recommended for conventions, information tables, and special charity events.

Chapter or STARFLEET Polo. Usually worn for ‘away missions’ and  Sundays at conventions.

Alternative Class B is a red t-shirt with USS CORSAIR Comm Badge.

Get Your Club Swag here!

Star Trek t-shirt, just a red t-shirt, no comm badge.

Appropriate for Chapter meetings.

USS CORSAIR Custom Combadges

After the chapter's 10 year anniversary the crew purchased custom combadges. The DS9/VGR style with the crossed cutlasses and skull. Only active chapter members are authorized to wear.

Costume Connections

The membership over the year have a very particular set of skills, skills they have acquired over a very long career, skills that make finding a uniform not a nightmare for people like you.

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