Corsair Chronicles

The USS CORSAIR in Fiction...

It’s been almost seven years since the Ambassador class, USS CORSAIR, was pulled out of mothball due to the devastating loss at Wolf 359.  

Now on the cusp of a new war, with a new enemy, this band of misfit officers and their long overdue for repairs and upgrades, answers the call of the United Federation of Planets.

VADM Ceridwen

The “Vulcan” Commanding Officer of the USS CORSAIR, with a mysterious past life.

LCDR Lovejoy

One of the top engineers on the USS CORSAIR, always looking for the next big discovery.

MAJ Archer

A Starfleet Marine with a particular set of skills…


Vulcan Second Officer of the USS CORSAIR with a  pet Sehlat, which she keeps onboard!

CMDR T'Enney

Vulcan communications officer who is constantly rebuffing MAJ Archer’s advances.

LT Artemis, RN

The woman with the tricorder and the bo-bo bunny.

LT Ch'Andar

The tough as nails Andorian Chief of Security.

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Past USS CORSAIR Episodes


Save the Scientists, Save the Galaxy!

The CORSAIR receives a distress signal from Xerxes IV, an uninhabited Class M planet containing no sentient life except for a Federation science team. The distress signal has offered no information except that the science team stationed there was in danger.

Hello? Operator?

It started as a friendly conversation unit suddenly there was no one left to talk to! The crew of DSR Station 39 had disappeared.

Where Does This Go?

An ancient star chart with a set of coordinates for a “gate.” This gate is still in operation to this day and harbors a dark secret. And if that wasn’t enough, the Tholian Assembly is sniffing around for new systems to annex

Two by Two They Went

Strange and indecipherable signals have been emanating from the Bacchus system for the past several weeks. The CORSAIR is to search for the source of these signals and try to determine their meaning,

Hello? Is It Me You're Looking for?

The crew must recover a science vessel. All communications with the ship were lost one week ago.

There's Something You Don't See Every Day...

The CORSAIR finds that there is an increased build-up of Tetryons around their ship’s warp bubble. It eventually grows to the point the ship must make an emergency exit from warp into an uncharted system.

Needs More Cowbell

The CORSAIR is on route to Dourap IV, a mostly Tellarite colony near the Klingon border. They are suffering from an outbreak of d’kar fever, a potentially lethal disease.

Tree & Tonic on the Rocks

The S.S. Tesla went missing six weeks ago, The plasma trail from the S.S. Tesla leads directly toward Orgun III.

It Had to Be Kingons....

The CORSAIR Investigates the Klingon space station, Kortar, which has suddenly gone dark. Before venting the station’s air into space, its last transmission was, “We are not ourselves!” 

All Work & No Play, makes Corsair a Dull Ship

Diverted by a disturbing distress call from a Research Outpost in unclaimed space that claims to be under attack.

Paint it Black

Orbiting the black hole, halfway to Omega Draconis I, an alien facility threatens to destroy what's left of the nearby populous.

I'm a Starship, Not a Doctor, Dammit

The CORSAIR has been ordered to divert course and rendezvous with an unregistered Federation craft in orbit of a Klingon colony world. Reports of a plague and widespread mental illness across the entire population.


How deep does the parasitic infiltration of the Romulan Star Empire go? Does it extend to Starfleet? The CORSAIR? We fear it is only a matter of time.


A lo frequency band audio message leads to first contact on a Ring World which is having environmental issues.

Space Squids. Why did it have to be Space Squids?

Coriolanus IV is a mining colony that recently discovered one of the largest deposits of dilithium ever recorded and is being attacked by alien life forms.

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?

While investigating a dying star, some of the crew are invited to a dinner at scientific research station, Epsilon 19.


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