About the USS Corsair

It's All About Our Adventures Together

A Star Trek Organization for All Generations of Fans

Welcome to the USS Corsair, a proud Chapter of STARFLEET, The International Fan Association (SFI)! We are a chapter with members currently all over the great state of Louisiana.

While the fan club is based and organized around Star Trek, we are a group that love a very broad array of Sci-fi and fantasy.

Our business is conducted both online and in person. Whenever we go out/meet up with each other, or other fans, it is all about having fun!

Fictionally, we are an Ambassador class Cruiser, NCC-26556, assigned to the Third Fleet. The ship and its crew are tailored to exploring. The USS Corsair has had many memorable encounters (fictional and real world), with many more to come! Hence our motto… Boldly Geauxing!

VADM Trisha T.

The Command Staff

Make it So!

VADM Trisha T.

Commanding Officer

CAPT Sydney L.

Executive Officer

CMDR Gail P.

Second Officer/Ship's Musician

CAPT Cee Dee

Chief of Sciences

USS CORSAIR by the Numbers...

Away Missions
Volunteer Hours
Regional & Int'l Awards
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Crew Breakdown by Department

Numbers to be updated after 2021 Crew Census.

USS CORSAIR Departments

The Command Staff is the Commanding Officer, Executive Officer, Second Officer and Division Chiefs. They will be setting the overall policies for the USS CORSAIR, and troubleshooting any problems/questions general members may have.

Coordinates Community service activities and Atoz book club. Membership retention is another endeavor that the Ops Division assists with on a Chapter level.

Costuming, prop building, away missions to local science related events. Coordinates in-person Star Trek viewing parties and Game Days.

SFMC Special Operations Group coordinates the online roleplay.

Helping out around the Universe....

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