Crew Meeting Notes February 23, 2023

USS CORSAIR Discord Server

Commanding Officer Report
VADM Trisha

  • Please verify your emails in the STARFLEET Database. The CQ (and other official communications) will be arriving in your inbox. No duplicate emails. That means if you have a family member that shares your email, you need a different one for them. I can create an email forwarder with the domain that will get around that.
  • Congratulations to CeeDee and Gail for passing Starfleet Data Policy and Protection Recertification.
  • STARFLEET Communication is sponsoring a contest for best uniform. Submission guidelines are on Discord.
  • STARFLEET Communications has also announced there will be a new ‘zine featuring STARFLEET member’s fiction and poetry that will be published biannually.
  • Gary has volunteered to take over the Ship’s Mailchimp Reminder list, Ashley Orientation. THANK YOU!
  • Reminder all events need to be submitted on the form. If they haven’t been approved by the Committee, they won’t go on the calendar or in the Mailchimp.
  • Louisiana ComicCon is approaching March 11 & 12th! We have lots of free tickets for those that work the table even a few hours.
  • Next meeting will be IN PERSON at the Jones Creek Library March 23-7PM

Executive Officer Report-CAPT Sydney

  • CRAVE Harry Potter Trivia night was fantastic. Well run, used a mobile app with multiple choice to pick answers from. Crowded but fun. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
  • People in Charge of Duty Stations-please get me your reports once a month so I can summarize and hand off to CO.
    • Need list of people to follow up with from CO. DONE

2nd Officer Report-CMDR Gail

  • FINALLY OUT OF SICKBAY (the crowd cheers!)
  • Please fill out the Mission Briefings to get awards and promotion points!
  • Game Day is in Hammond this Saturday, may be moving back to Baton Rouge.

Science/Life: CAPT CeeDee-Game Day is this Saturday. Nothing else to report

Event/Member Services: LTJG Gary

  • Get those event requests in!
  • Need help making sure forms arrive in events inbox
  • Renewal Reminders going out March 3rd!
  • Next month will be doing a presentation on Volunteer and Charity work the USS CORSAIR might want to do.

327th Marine Strike Group: GEN Edward T.

  • Roleplaying is back on now that we have Gail. Next session is March 4th. New Players welcome.
  • JackBox Gaming is every Monday night at 8PM on the Region 3 Discord Server
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