Meeting Notes May 26 2022

Commanding Officer’s Report-VADM Trisha Tunis

  • Please make sure your STARFLEET membership is current. Commander, STARFLEET elections are around the corner and only active members can vote. Rumor has it there is at least one candidate. Will let crew know when Election Communication channels are open.
  • If you need help renewing-please email We can look up your SCC#.
  • Virtual IC is coming up August 12 & 13. You can register today at It is FREE to attend.
  • Welcome to our new Temporal Specialist Ensign Gary! He’ll be taking over posting events on the USS CORSAIR’s website, reaching out to get information about events, and suggesting away missions.
  • Next month’s meeting will be in person but also simulcast on the USS CORSAIR’s Discord.
  • Still looking for a retention officer to handle sending out renewal reminders.
  • Please be sure to file those after mission briefings! I was able to add two blog posts because of them. Thanks Gary!

Executive Officer’s Report-CAPT Sydney

  • Please read list of renewals-quite a few people are overdue. We’re back to doing events in person, so renewal means being eligible for promotions, merit awards, and other goodies!
  • Second Officer’s Report-CMDR Gail
  • Make sure to scan those store receipts for Cadet Antonia’s School!
  • Other items-just mail. Gail’s address is on the agenda.

Science Officer’s Report-CAPT Charlene

  • Gaming is this Saturday at Gail’s.
  • Lots of goodies to give away at Summit!

327th MSG Report-LGN Edward

  • Region 3 Summit is next week! Much to look forward to-Klingons, Gaming, Panels, room parties, auction!
  • Corsair Chronicle Roleplay-still working on a date

Temporal Specialist Report ENS Gary

Note Items in Green are final and will be scheduled!

Items in blue need crew feedback on Discord

Items in Red need Command Staff/Temporal Specialist research before scheduling.

  • Distillery Tour-Please vote for your favorite on Discord, so we can schedule a visit to one of these places in the fall!
  • Capital Park Museum-we need to see if First Sundays it is still free. ENS Gary to research and get back
  • In Saturn’s Rings narrated by Levar Burton is playing at the LASM Planetarium Did we want to confirm Saturday July 2nd at 11AM?
  • Into America’s Wild-Any interest? Trailer
  • Craft Corner at the Swamp-This is actually on July 8/9th and we have an event already scheduled. Trish has reached out to BREC for a list of upcoming volunteer opportunities. She will report back.
  • Queen Nefertari’s Egypt, New Orleans Museum of Art July 9, meet at the ticket booth by 10AM
  • August 20th-Breakout Room-we need to decided either the 1th Gate or Sequestored.
  • August 6-7th Mid City MicroCon Trisha has applied for a vendor table, may sell something to benefit Cat Haven. Also volunteered to host a panel about Star Trek and Diversity.
  • Avery Island and Books Along the Teche Literary Festival April 1, 2023
  • Captain’s Dinner-El Magey Mexican Buffet-need to pick a day
  • Fencing Red Stick Fencing Sydney will contact owner to see about a private session for the group.
  • USS KIDD is having Pirates and Patriots on the 4th of July. Might be a chance to dress up like pirates and entertain people! Should we get information?

Trek Talk:

Group discussion of the away mission to see Star Trek The Motion Picture. The Enterprise was the Star, Kirk was a jerk for taking away the Enterprise from Decker, and Sydney pointed out that when Chekov was injured, I Lieutenant Ilia used her mojo to keep him calm. Sydney didn’t recall that scene in previous releases. The extra beauty shots going through the cloud were stunning-but still about 15 minutes too long. The décor and fashion definitely reflected the late 1970’s. Well worth seeing it in the theater.

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