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February 2022 Crew Meeting Notes

Commanding Officer’s Report-VADM Trisha

  • R3 Summit/STARFLEET International Conference-Split decision on Conferences this year! The Region 3 Summit will be in person in June and the International Conference will be virtual in August.
      • Region 3 Conference https://qm.region3.org/-June 3-6, 2022, Holiday Inn & Suites in Beaumont, TX, co-hosted by the USS Endurance and the USS Zavala. Theme “Klingons”.
      • STARFLEET Virtual Conference https://ic.sfi.org/2022-vic/ August 13,2022
  • Please remember to submit your Mission Briefings for community service and other activities. We’re logging this time in the chapter’s monthly status report. The form can be found here https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd9yKW1puJY-T0ZDouzG2BOHcCn6M3fkMGKCbY0qUp_mujaLw/viewform
  • Big event in March-Livingston Library ComicCon https://www.mylpl.info/comiccon on March 5th from 10A-2P. Love to have a good turnout to honor Klingons and Star Trek. We’ll be doing a panel on “Klingon Basics” and setting up an Assimilation Booth (STARFLEET information table). Promises to be a fun day. Event is family friendly. Please wear uniform, polo, or Star Trek t-shirt.
  • Now that we’re doing more away missions, events are piling up! We’re posting them in Discord, Facebook Groups, and on the USS Corsair’s main website. We will have one event a month as a Mission of the Month that is a ‘don’t miss’ activity that we hope everyone can make and we have a large away mission team.
  • The chapter will issue new business cards. There will be a space on them to place your name/contact info. Please note, contact info must be in compliance with STARFLEET Data Protection and Privacy standards. We’re able to issue vanity email forwarders upon request. Email info@BRStarTrek.com
  • Final piece of Orientation will be Marketing and Recruiting Classes. Look for those in the next month.
  • Please remember to log your steps for the STARFLEET Challenge. Link is on discord under #Sickbay Channel.
  • Escape Room Away Mission in July-Stay tuned!!

Executive Officer’s Report-CAPT Sydney

  • Been in Sickbay for most of the month, doing better now. Hated to miss the Ice Cream Crawl.
  • Make sure to renew your STARFLEET memberships! Complete list is on the agenda in Discord.

Second Officer’s Report-CMDR Gail

  • Took trip to Georgia with Chief of Sciences, had a great time!
  • Remember, still collecting Boxtops through phone app, Community Coffee labels, etc.
  • Relay for Life in Hammond-have no real details on it for this year, it’s not looking good. ☹
  • Ice Cream Crawl was fun! We made it to two of the places on the list until we needed real food. We’ll do it again.

Chief of Sciences Report-CAPT Charlene

  • Georgia was awesome!
  • Game Day is the 4th Saturday of every month at Gail’s house. Please email info@BRStarTrek.com for directions/address.

327th Marine Strike Group Report- LGEN Edward

  • Roleplaying continues on, please email me if you want more information.
  • We’ve rebranded our Monday Night online trivia to “USS CORSAIR presents: Region Three/Third Brigade Monday Night Gaming”. Turnout has been at an all time high allowing us to play more games.
  • Southern Board Game Festival is March 19-20 in Lafayette. http://www.southerngamefest.com/
  • We have an information table at St. Tammany Toy and Collector’s Show in April.


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